3 Things Your VP of Marketing May Not Be Doing

As the Vice President of Marketing for a small to mid-size corporation you are running a tight team of professionals that are most likely multi-tasking.

It is highly likely that they are professionally diverse in skills–probably because they have to be–and producing exceptional marketing campaigns and product or service launches.

I can bet you that they are also running your social media accounts, developing new ways to make your company’s products or services more visible in an over saturated and noisy space while there’s a strong message internally to produce more and faster.

Does this sound like your marketing department?

As if you need one more, let alone three more, thing to add to your plate; here, are some things to consider as you develop your marketing tool box.

The job of marketers is to continue to learn and grow so that we can transfer that knowledge to our team with the expected outcome of making our brands shine the brightest.

Get Schooled

No, I’m not talking about going back to school! I’m talking about investing in training and education for your VP of Marketing and your Marketing Department Managers around the latest and greatest in digital marketing.

You can’t afford not to keep up. Social media–while the most notable aspect of digital marketing–is but one aspect of what your team needs to understand.

What about learning more about traffic and conversions for your website? How well do you really understand analytics?

One of the most informative conferences to attend is the Traffic & Conversion Summit. It is a 3-day conference packed with more than concept and theories, it offers you tested and proven tactics that you can take action on immediately.

If going to a conference for 3 days or more is too demanding on your time and budget, don’t overlook the value to webinars and local seminars offered by national training companies like, SkillPath, NST, and Fred Pryor.

These seminar training companies also offer on-site training. And, of course, you can always invite experts in to train for the day with your staff.

Check The Pulse

When was the last time your VP of Marketing sat down in your Monday afternoon C-Suite meeting and delivered a report on their findings from a focus group or survey?

Marketers often rest on their laurels. Time and experience tends to make Marketers believe that we know all there is to know about our target customer.

Now more than ever, it is important that we check-in with our customers to see what they are thinking.

Analytics and demographics shift from year to year. While they should not change drastically, they will change in some form or fashion.

These changes should be the predictors of your brand’s next move. These changes are indicators of your present foothold among customers and predictors of what may come in your brand’s near future.

High Visability

It is very important for your C-Suite to be visible on social media. More importantly, either your President/CEO or your VP of Marketing should be regularly posting on LinkedIn and your website at the very least.

This type of social media presence helps to establish your foothold and expertise in your industry among your peers.

It’s so important that you have a LinkedIn account that Forbes Magazine considers not being on the platform one of the worst mistakes an executive can make.

Your customers and key contacts still Google you but if LinkedIn looks like an afterthought, it doesn’t help you create a positive first impression.

–John M. O’Connor, Forbes Magazine

The concern of breaking barriers to privacy are a valid concern. But, used correctly and with intention, social media presence can improved customer, vendor, and employee relations.

2 thoughts on “3 Things Your VP of Marketing May Not Be Doing

  1. Marcie Hanhart Reply

    Sherri. This is an amazing package of valuable information. Yes, marketing teams are frequently either wrought with too much work or were hired as the catch all person for the company. Thank you for this insight. By the way , do you train or consult for firms on this? Thank you.

    • sherrigoodall Post authorReply

      Hi Marcie! Thanks for the feedback and so glad that the post resonated with you. Yes, I am available to train or consult firms on this. Please email info@sherrigoodall411.com, if you have an opportunity in mind or would like to brainstorm about how I may be able to help a team.

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